Full connected AEROSOL DISPENSER for high relibility and field data collection.


In collaboration with:

  • Microchip
  • Orange
  • Alperia
  • A2A


The Mister which communicates via LoRa has actually no differences from any other Mister EVO. Matter of fact the hardware of both cases is the same, but to make the connection/ communication possibile, Agro Electronics added an antenna on the board.
The purpose of this new system is to communicate; having the possibility to route the rigistered temperatures, the emitted sprays or the function or the malfunction of the processes directly to our platform, that will register the data and will give the possibility to compare them to each others.

Test performed and achieved results

We launched the first full connected intelligent aerosol dispenser.

Modifying our succefull product AGRO MISTER (known in pherormone field as MISTER PRO) we created the AGRO MISTER CONNECTED, an aereosol dispenser able to remotely send data as temperature and others to cloud server.


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Mister Lora Results 2021 and Trials 2022

Logistical difficulties related to the pandemic and the well-known difficulties in procuring electronic components prevented us from carrying out all the tests planned for 2021. Nevertheless, we have carried out and increased laboratory activities than expected, which will allow us to proceed with more than 1.000 devices, combined with weather sheds, in 2022. We will keep you updated during the season... Stay tuned!




Mister Lora trials 2021

Tests carried out in 2020 confirmed that:

  • the standard battery supports all the necessary Mister Lora connections;
  • connections are stable and continuous;
  • correct compatibility with the major providers on the market.

In 2021 we will expand testing by installing more than 300 Mister Lora devices. We will update you during the season... Stay tuned!


Lora4  Lora5  Lora6 




See the Mister Lora results 2020 👉🏼 Lora results








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