SOFTWARE & APP for damage assessment, for real time heatmap.


In collaboration with:

  • MPA Solutions (Trento TN, Italy)
  • Biogard France (France)
  • Biogard Iberia (Spain)


Agro Electronics and MPA build this system to provide a good quality system to manage data and to have the possbility to draw plots, position the emitters, do damage assessment and to place traps.
Even the APP give the same possibilities as the WEB version and, furthermore, you can also place the emitters on a precise spot, directly into the field, by following throught the APP what did you do prevoiusly on the WEB.
In 2023 we will launch the new release with a lot a new features to help our customers and to make our job easier and more complete. In the future we hope to use this system to connect us to our smart machines placed in the field. 

Tests performed and achieved results

We completed development of our BIOGARD GIS APP for damage assessment with the IOS version, geolocation function on AGRO GIS software included. The portal graphic layout has also been renewed for better use by users. 


foto2 foto2 foto2
 See our new BIOGARD GIS web portal 👉🏼 SW1


Developments and tests 2022 

As previously announced, according to the schedule below, the App will be available for the whole market.




PPTX intro - February

Leaflet and tutorial - February

APK - February

LINK (beta version)  - March 

Developments and tests 2021

BIOGARD GIS users can now take advantage of the services offered by the new App for data management as: aerosol positioning and mapping, traps positioning and monitoring, damage assessment. At the end of testing season, our App will be available for the whole market.

SW4 SW3  SW2



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