VIBRATIONAL TRAPS for monitoring and mass-trapping of BrownMarmorade stink bug
Halyomorpha halys


In collaboartion with:

  • Soltec (Rubano PD, Italy) - System engineering
  • BIOGARD test facility (Cesena, Italy).


Agro Electroincs and SOLTEC have developped a new capture system for pest which use a vibrational recall. This system, unlike than Tremos, use the vibration to attract the pest and not only to interrupt the mating using interposed recalls. 
The insect pest goes straight into the trap, attracted by the pheromone and by the vibrational system, and then he won't be able to escape from it.
The idea behind this system is to get the quantity of pest around the plots or the orchards (sample check), get flight patterns and then to start with the mating distruption via aerosol or handapplier.

Pentatrap Trials 2022

In order to complete the tests started in 2019, we launched the first industrial production of 300 pieces. We will update you on the results of the expanded testing during the season...Stay tuned!




See the Pentatrap results 2021 👉🏼 PentaTrap results

Pentatrap Trials 2021

Based on the excellent catch results obtained in 2020, we launched the first production for dosage trials. We will update you during the season... Stay tuned!


applicazione pentatrap pentatrap applicazioni2 pentatrap


See the Pentatrap results 2020 👉🏼 PentaTrap results

Tests performed and achieved results

We continued trial tests started in 2019 to develop a trap for Brown Marmorade stink bug (Halyomorpha halys) based on the combination between the specie-specific pheromone and unique vibrational calling of this pest.


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